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Reviews for Double Twist Kayak by Innova Inflatable Kayaks

Rated: 7.33/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

Double Twist Kayak by Innova Inflatable Kayaks

Length: 11' 9" - Width: 36.00" - Starting at: $549.00
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Rating: 6 of 10

     I had written a Twist 2 review on 02-19-2013. Sadly the Twist 2 has died. It was brilliant right up until death - handled well throughout, never bled air and survived getting whacked by a big sting ray. It got done however via a 40 centimetre slice along the bottom from a oyster which cut through to the EPDM layer of the overall HEVEALON. It did not blow out on water (so pretty good really) I inflated it the next day and blew then. That was a stupid move on my part. It did however expose me to an interesting issue with this kayak - no spare repair material available for HEVEALON.

Being a decent cut, I took it to a inflatable boat repair person. They could not repair HEVEALON unless I can secure some compatible patches. A search for such material on the web yields a barren result. I have disposed of the Twist 2 now. I could have chased up some of the old inflatable bed material as that seemed similar to HEVEALON. So if you are thinking of one then have a look around first for the availability a HEVEALON repair kit.

I found that NITRILON (what the other Innova/Gumotex boats are made of) can be fixed from significant damage at inflatable boat repair shops. A Helios resumes the Twists role now.

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Rating: 9 of 10

     My Background: Go for a paddle about once a decade. So I guess my expectations are perhaps low.

Last weekend tried it on the calm ocean (Rapid Bay, South Oz) with my wife, 3 yo daughter way up front and our medium sized dog in the back - the webbing can be easily removed. It performed brilliantly (though the dog may still not agree). It's really a very forgiving paddle boat. We had boats motoring by and it was always confident. At first I was packing it with the side waves, but then they just roll on past so very enjoyable. It paddles well, holds line (sorry I am a MTBer) and went where I wanted to go. The only hassle was propping myself back up into the seat now and then to get back more upright where paddling felt best - a small compromise for the pack down benefits.

Inflation and deflation is very easy. About 5 minutes to inflate. It comes in a black bag about the size of a large cheap sleeping bag, I was not a believer that it was ever going back in that bag again but it does - repeatedly! The best bit for us is that it easily lives on standby in our camper van when time and space is right.

It seems like its built pretty well. The outer is quite tough. You would not want to ski down a hill on it, but common sense care to not scrape it on much it would appear like it will last quite a while. This boat has opened up paddling to my family so it looks like we'll be spending more time on water than on dirt.

Will write another update in 6 months...

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Submitted by: MDLSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     This weekend I paddled the Double-twist with a friend. We paddled together with several friends in a variety of inflatable kayaks. The Twist is an easy boat to have fun in. It is sturdy and reliable and it comes in a beautiful shade of blue that just feels fun. It quickly and reliably inflates.

As we paddled out, we felt that we were sitting a bit too low so we propped ourselves up with the footrests and whatever else we could. Once on the water, the boat handled well but our buddies who were paddling the Helios II easily beat us in terms of speed.

When it was time to leave the water and clean and dry the boat, the Twist was a pleasure. It was simple to rinse out, dry out, deflate, and roll up into its small bag. We did notice that our friends in the Helios II had a few more challenges packing up their boat.

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