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Reviews for Angler Kayak by Airis Kayaks by Walker Bay

Rated: 5.2/10 Based On: 5 Reviews

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Submitted by: MTBSend Email
Rating: 1 of 10

     I agree with GS [previous reviewer]. These boats are of poor quality. It is very disappointing because when correctly inflated their performance in the water is excellent.

In my case the major issue was that after 6 uses the pump provided was not able to inflate the boat to the specified pressure of 6.5 psi, which is very important for rigidity and performance. The pump had a really cheap plastic feel that was quite disconcerting under the significant force required to reach 6.5 psi.

I returned it to the shop and they were really not interested. They tried to convince me that the boat was fine but couldn't even inflate a brand new boat to pressure with a brand new pump!

It seems this drop in quality might be a recent change because there are many positive reviews online from a few years ago.

This has potential to be a great product but not at this quality. I would have happily paid more if the quality was good. I have seen SUPs with very similar pumps and valves and inflation pressure requirements but of obviously better quality so why not use them WalkerBay? Be warned and satisfy yourself that the quality is acceptable before you buy!

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Submitted by: GSSend Email
Rating: 1 of 10

     I bought two Airis kayaks, one is the Angler model and the other is the 10-foot Sport. While we liked their design...lightwight and stable...we have discovered they are of very poor quality. Within a year of light use, each has developed cuts and deep scratches along their sides and bottom requiring patches. Each kayak has been taken back to the dealer where we bought them, and he tells me I am "abusing" them. This is ridiculous, as they are very carefully stored and never dragged on a rocky or sandy shore. After SIX MONTHS of e-mails and calls to the customer service department, I finally was given the option to buy a dealer demo model at dealer cost. Walker Bay, the manufacturer, will not admit that these were built with a defective fabric, but we now see that most of the models have been discontinued. This company does not stand behind its products, and a Google search will find other complaints about their non-existent customer service. A great design, poorly executed and sold by a company that will not stand behind its products.
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Submitted by: CraigSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I've had an Airis Angler for over 2 years now. I use it nearly every weekend, to kayak and fish in reservoirs, rivers, coastal lagoons and the ocean around Puerto Rico. This is a great kayak. I can even stand up in it to fly cast, it is so stable in calm waters. One of the first improvements I made to it was to install a swivel seat on the aluminum platform.

In contrast to one of the reviewers, I have found the construction and durability to be absolutely first rate. It has a few scratches, sure -- I've used it hard, and have had to drag it over sand and it's made contact with rocks and corals on occasion. But the only 2 leaks have been from my errors with fish hooks. Easily repaired. I love this kayak, and when it eventually wears out, I would buy a new one in a heartbeat.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 5 of 10

     This is a follow-up review of my earlier review of the Aris Angler inflatable I purchased.
Well a couple of months have passed and I had been using my boat on a regular daily basis until last week. It seems that every time the boat just touches the floating dock (or anything) the PVC hull of my boat retains scratches! I'm not rough with it but just docking/launching the boat from the dock causes serious cuts and scratching along the sides. The damage is so bad that I acquired a small leak that I had to patch. I have to try and paint the boat with PVC paint to fill in the scratches as I don't feel safe any longer with this boat in the water. Believe me, I'm not one to complain but everyone I talk to at the dock tells me that my situation should not happen.

So, with regrets I have to rate this boat with 'insight'; the quality of this model is not good and I would not recommend anyone to purchase this model. The material is of poor quality. The seams along both sides of the boat and everywhere are all showing the glue and have discolored! I've gotten to where I just don't trust this boat any longer on the water and will use as a $1049.00 (the amount I paid for this boat) as a pool toy.

Okay, lessons learned. A pretty costly lesson for a retired man on a fixed income but worse is the fact that not only am I out my investment, I can no longer kayak everyday which is what I really enjoyed. It was good for my soul and my health. This is not a quality boat and not dependable on the water.

Oh yes, I received an email from someone at ARIS customer service; they don't have a clue why this is happening. BTW, I used the kayak paddling on a lake and on the Gulf, there was no abuse on my part. I take excellent care of my personal items, i.e. I still have my 1998 VW Jetta in perfect shape as it looked 12 years ago when driven off the show room floor...

I rate this inflatable boat as 'POOR' and would not recommend anyone to purchase.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     The Angler is a great kayak and fits my needs. I use it in coastal bay area and lake which opens into the bay area. Just as advertised: Unfold out of its pack, inflate (okay here's the part where you have to put a little muscle in pumping as this boat takes 6.5 psi) strap in the seat and you're off.

Tracking - Stays straight in flat water and easy to maneuver.
Speed: I was extremely surprised how fast this kayak moves in the water and how she takes on the waves breaking in front of me.
Stability - Very easy for me to enter/exit. With a little I was able to stand in the kayak!

On my maiden voyage the scupper located in the center of the floor board where the drink holder is located leaks. The water started slowly filling up the drink holder area. After about an hour of paddling the water started to over-flow into the drink cup area (floor board in center of kayak between my legs) and I began to worry. I was able to paddle to a public kayak dock where I lifted the kayak out of the water and noticed the water leaking from the scupper. I tried to secure the scupper and placed the boat back in the water and noticed air bubbles coming from the scupper and after trying to tighten it again and again it just kept on leaking. I had no choice but to use the repair kit that comes with the kayak and seal the bottom of the kayak to prevent the water from leaking into the scupper and was able to paddle my way back home.

I'm not upset as these things happen when you're on the water but was very glad that I carried along the repair kit that Airis supplies. The PROs outweigh that one bad incident. I'm very happy with this kayak and it is a pleasure to paddle. It's a great cruiser while touring the coastal bay area and lakes.

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