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Reviews for SPOT Personal Tracker

Rated: 5.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 2 of 10

     I agree with the one review I read, that it can take 20 minutes OR MORE to get the signal sent. I like to take my kayak up to the Boundary Waters a few times a year, plus I am a helicopter nurse, so I respond to calls like those that come from the SPOT. The reason I rated this item so low is that I signed a one year contract, with a contract charge for $135, plus activation fee. My mother was ill, and had open heart surgery 6 months after buying this product, so I was not watching my credit card charges closely, as I was at my mother's side for 2 months. I got charged ANOTHER $140, but did not realize it until I got a $160 charge (which made me go back and look at my past charges to see if I had any other charges, and I found the one that happened while I was caring for my mother. I bought this unit for $200, plus paid the year's subscription, so I spend $350 to set this thing up, then the doubled the monthly cost, then, 6 months later when they charged my credit card again, my card expired, so they went thru, putting different expiration dates in until they found my credit card's new exp date. My 3 digit code on the back changed too, but they charged me right away. If you call Customer Service, they never answer the phone for customer service, and the recording has someone who speaks in such a heavy accent that you can barely understand him. I left a message (got no call back after a couple of days), so I emailed them - no response again. I got no response even after I disputed the charge, and finally, 3 months later I got the last charge taken off, and I sent them an email to cancel my account when I contacted my credit card company. READ THE ENTIRE CONTRACT ON A MONTHLY BASIS. In the contract, the give themselves an out, saying that they can change the price or any of the contract at any time without notifying you. Thus is a scummy company- Please call if you own one and make sure that they did not change your price without telling you. This unit is not worth all that. FYI, if a helicopter gets dispatched, your minimum fee is around $5k, reportedly, plus you may have to pay the people who came out to help find you, plus any medical bills, as I found out from one blogger. BE CAREFUL! They have lately been offering free or low cost units to reel you in, and if they give you a one year contract, I suggest you pay with a prepaid visa card that will be empty if they try and pull anything. Sorry to leave such a long message, I just don't want anyone to be screwed over financially while in this economy (or any other time)!!
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Rating: 9 of 10

     I have had a SPOT for over a year now and used it many times on sea kayak trips mostly in the Great Lakes area. The SPOT unit has three functions: OK, HELP and 911.

My first trip with the SPOT was to the Rossport,Canada Shore of Lake Superior. I have also used in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Straits of Mackinac, the Picture Rocks, and also Ohiopyle, PA. It is a great way to notify your family, and co-workers of your status. With the press of a button they get an email or text message telling them that I am okay and my GPS location. I have programmed in my wife's, my brother's and my daughters' cell phone numbers into the unit. Every paddling day when I get off the water, I send out a message with the OK function and their cellphones receive a text message; they really like hearing from me.

The unit also has two functions for emergency situations. I have never had an emergency so I cannot vouch for the response, but I imagine it is as good or better than an EPIRB. For the HELP function, I have programmed in a few friends, one is a policeman, and they will be notified that I need help and my GPS location. If it were a very bad emergency I would send out a distress call with the 911 function. But as I said, I have never had an emergency and cannot comment on the response time.

The unit is very competitively priced for the features, especially when compared with an EPIRB or Satellite phone. I use two AA lithium ion batteries. I have sent many messages and have had no battery problems and have been using the same batteries for over a year.

Two small complaints: which is why I did not give it a 10.
One is that it takes about 20 minutes to send out a message. I will get off the water and send my message while I am setting up camp. After a little while, I will check to see that my message has been sent. I am usually in no big hurry, but in an emergency situation a faster response time would be desired. Of course, prior to having a SPOT I had no way at all to send an emergency message, so compared to that situation 20 minutes is very fast.

The other is that they do not cover Hawaii, South and Central Africa, and much of Central Asia. Excepting Hawaii, I have never been to these areas, but I currently have a friend in Malawi and my daughter may be going to Central Asia and I would feel better if they had a SPOT. I am always planning a paddling trip to Hawaii and would like to be able to use it in that location.

I fail to see why SPOT cannot have a full Global network when Iridium has a fully global satellite phone network. Again it is a small complaint since I have had coverage everywhere I have paddled since buying the unit.

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