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Reviews for Otter XT Kayak by Old Town Canoe

Rated: 8.79/10 Based On: 14 Reviews

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Submitted by: KateSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I have owned an OtterXT for 5 years now. I have taken it out on lakes, rivers, and protected inshore waterways under calm conditions. I have even paddled in the local river race called the Herring Run, and won the women's recreational division with it (9 miles in under 2.5 hours). It isn't a fast boat,and has a wake when paddled quickly, but it is stable under most inland conditions. My kids have managed to capsize it, but I haven't even come anywhere near close. It is light enough that I can lift it onto the roof of my minivan, and tough as nails! It fits on top of our bike rack in the garage, and can be shoved into the minivan in a pinch. I find that it maneuvers very well and is very responsive to my paddling and weight shift adjustments. Even though I have outgrown it in many ways and am buying a 14' boat this weekend after using a friend's tsunami in rougher waters all summer, I will still use it on windy and narrow creeks and my teens still love to take it out on their own. It may lack a hatch, but has plenty of room for a dry bag either up front/under the legs or behind the seat. I paid $330 at REI for it in May of 2006 and "Moxie" has been worth every penny so far.
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Submitted by: Ron ASend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     My 12 year old son saved up for 2 years and bought this boat. I think it's great for him. When we've gone on the S. Saskatchewan River he had a hard time keeping up with me. I was in a much longer boat. This boat is probably a little on the slow side. When I've tried it I found it tracked well and had a very comfy seat.

One time we went to a tiny lake in central Saskatchewan (Damour Lake). It was very windy and the water was really choppy. I started to go towards the middle of the lake until the wind caught my rented 16' high end kayak and sent me back to shore. After that I could not get off the shore. My son on the other hand was able to (with hard work) go where I could not. He went around a point and out of my sight which worried me. I dragged my boat along the shore until I was sheltered from the wind. When I finally caught up to him he had a big smile on his face. He loved it. I think this is a great starter boat!

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Submitted by: BobSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I bought the Otter XT from REI about a week ago for about $320. A friend and I took our XT's down the Kettle River on a 13 mile trip. We were in up to class 3 rapids which was a blast. Tipped over a few times and our cheap spray skirts didn't allow us the opportunity to roll. The Kayak tracks good at lower speeds and is not built for speed. Actually makes quite the wake at higher speeds! The stability was less then expected considering the width, but good enough. Overall great durable kayak for the price!
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I've been kayaking for 4 years now. I have paddled sit-on tops and for most of that time almost exclusively sea kayaks, particularly a 16.5 foot sea yak. Paddle lots every week, so I am at least an intermediate level paddler at this point. I have used many different hulls including rec kayaks such as the Streak (which is NOT nearly the same quality league as this boat not to mention the differences in hull shapes).

While I love my sea yak, I wanted a rec boat that would get me back to being able to toss a small boat in the SUV and grab the paddle and go without too much work or prep or fuss. Sort of an extension of the ever increasing role of kayaking in my life. *I also wanted a boat that could handle rough washing machine conditions if not white water-like conditions as I plan on taking it to Georgia in up to class 3 river conditions. I sometimes kayak in rough conditions as it is on purpose and have been wondering about the benefits of a more maneuverable boat in those water states -vs- my sea yak.

Purchased an Otter XT and have had it out in a variety of conditions. I am really impressed with this little yak and it is exactly what I was aiming for. Old Town nailed it with this little scooter. Yesterday I paddled it for over 15 miles (google earthed the trip), through large boat wakes and calm conditions at first to over 10 knot winds and 2 foot swells. I wanted it to do some river like surfing on the Indian and Banana River Lagoons which are sometimes present when the wind gets whipping. And I got a chance to try that out a little so far and let me tell you this little yak can handle the rough stuff!

The hull has a nice rounding on the sides to it and in combination with the slight rocker in the hull she handles slop and waves well. I've been having a blast with this boat and, as I've pointed-out, I am used to larger more expensive boats. I use a spray skirt and recommend you look into getting a very small paddle for her, like the Aquabound Shred (very short--maybe 220 cm) which I used on my 15 mile paddle (!!!). It is the right size and blade width to compliment this boat. It will offer you the right amount of torque and not paddle you out of track.

*If you are 6'3" and something like 200 lbs this boat is obviously not for you. Look elsewhere, respectfully. I am 5'10" and 138lbs. Way it is. Tomorrow I'm taking it back out in 20+ knot winds to see how that goes. This is a rec boat that plays very much like a moderate river runner white white water boat but with stability. Good deal.

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Submitted by: Chris O\
Rating: 8 of 10

     My Otter XT isn't a fancy kayak, but it's a good value. I think I paid $280-300.
My kids (12YO, 10YO, and 8YO) absolutely love it and fight over who gets to use it. I love it that it gets my 10YO daughter out on the water.

It's OK for me, but a bit small (I'm 6'1" and 220) so getting in and out of it takes a minute or so. Mine tracks great and goes quite fast with little effort.

I'd buy another one.

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Submitted by: ValSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I have an Otter XT and love it. I've had it for about 11 months and have taken it out at least 50 times (I live on a lake). I've never tipped over (even in 50 mph winds- I'm a bit of a thrill seeker), and never had any problems with it at all. I'm a small woman and could carry it about 100 ft. to the edge of the lake. It's tiring, but I can do it. I also can fit a backpack behind the seat for storage, and fit a fishing pole in with me too. I love this kayak!!!
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 5 of 10

     My cousin had an Otter and I loved it, so I bought the Otter XT at Cabela's. It is not as wide as hers and cockpit too small. It tends to 'pull' to the left - sounds crazy but another person confirmed it - I don't know what cousin had but not the XT - it does not track well at all - I am too new at this to figure out what to do to compensate - the boat was cheap enough but heavy as hell - I am strong and have a hard time with it. Disappointed but too late now. May buy a different one for me and use the XT for whoever wants to go along- I was able to fold my legs in cousins and this one I can barely pull my knees up - too narrow.. oh well.. will learn I guess.. (for sale cheap!!)
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Submitted by: RTWSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I love my Otter XT. It helps me get out on the water quicker than before. I used to own a Pelican tandem sit-on-top. This thing was big and bulky for my last minute outdoor adventures. With my Otter it isn't any problem grabbing it and loading it up and hitting the creek (I live in a two bedroom apt. on the second floor by the way). I have a Mainstream Streak and an Otter XT which are both great kayaks to float a creek in and drink some cold ones on the way!!! I can't get enough kayaking in since I have purchased these two sit- ins.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I've had my otter XT for a year and paddle on lakes and calm rivers (especially crystal river and hall river with the manatees). I love it. Its a great kayak for small folks - I can lift it myself to load/unload using Yakima saddles/rollers. Mine kayak tracks great and I keep up with those in larger kayaks very well. I am sure that I will "grow" out of it... I would love to have a touring kayak... but for now my otter xt works superb.
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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I have owned my Otter XT for about 3 months now. In that time I have paddled it about 20 times on a slow moving, tidal river and a lake. Overall I like this kayak and and have been happy with it. With that said, I have already outgrown it and I will be buying a bigger kayak in a few months.

Don't get me wrong this kayak is stable and fairly comfortable. It is a little short on leg room though. I am 6'1" and I cannot extend my legs all the way when using the pegs (which I use all the time).

If you are going to own kayak on a few ocasions then this might be the right kayak for you, however if you are planning on doing more (like every weekend) then spend a few hunded more and get a bigger (i.e. longer) kayak by Perception or even Pelican.

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Submitted by: matt jamesSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I got an Otter XT cause it was only 20$ more then the Otter at the Cabelas. Good advice is to wait till the end of the season to buy em cheap at Cabelas. I live in Utah, I've brought it out on calm rivers, small lakes, to huge reservoirs. super stable I even can stand up in this thing, I am only 14 though. its really maneuverable, and I wouldn't know how fast it is cause I can't compare it to anything cause this is my first kayak, has quite a bit of storage space, I just keep a dry pak back there. traks pretty good, and almost fits in the truck. Recommend it a lot, heck get 2 for the price on 1 good one. great starter, I plan on gettin a bigger on in the future, oh and i would recond to XT for even up to 60$ extra has a better seat and foot pegs and a paddle holder so all in all, get it.
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Submitted by: maddogSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Just got my Otter XT two days ago. Bought the XT on the advice of the salesman. Paid $299.00 for it. Took it to the lake the next day to try it out for some fishing and recreation. Great kayak. It is my first one but probably not my last one. We are a family of 5 so a few more yak's are in the future. The only advice I have is if you get an Otter or any other kayak make sure you buy a good paddle. I have nothing but good things to say about this little boat. Maybe a bit slow, but works great for my needs. I use it to get away from the people at the lakes, and also to fish. Took it to a pond outside of town tonight that only permits boats under 12 feet with not motor. Only boat on the pond, and only peson catching Bass. If you look at what this kayak was made for it fits the bill to a tee. If you want to go faster or be able to paddle easier when windy get a more expensive boat.
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Submitted by: BryanSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought the Otter XT for my son. Took it out with another friend to try it out first. For the price I paid (under $300) you can't go wrong. If you're looking for fast this is not the one, however, it turns quickly & very stable. Great for creeks & small rivers in S. Central MS. The Otter XT includes a paddle strap, foot pegs, & padded seat (if you search enough you can find the new seat which folds completely flat which now gives you plenty of storage in the stern for a small cooler & dry bag. Enjoyed it so much I got one for myself.
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Submitted by: Toast Oast
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have had an Otter XT for going on 6 months. I am very glad I upgraded from the standard Otter to the XT version. This kayak is awesome for the $$$!!! It has nice footpegs, a comfy padded seat and a paddle strap. I added two flush mounted rod holders in the back, a Scotty rod holder in the front, paddle clips, and eyes for anchor lines. I have taken this compact kayak in everything from flowing rivers to LARGE open water. It handles great, but could stand to have a bit larger cockpit opening.
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