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Reviews for Seeker Kayak by Dagger

Rated: 7.78/10 Based On: 9 Reviews

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Submitted by: Leslie YSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Nice, low profile sea kayak. Slim and a little smaller than many yaks. Best for a small paddler (under 5'8"). Easy to turn and maneuver around, but seemed to weather cock for me in more open water. I did not install the rudder that came with. Wanted to learn without. And we (me and Seeker) always did pretty well.
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Submitted by: Lee WilderSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     The Seeker is a low profile boat that has a wonderful glide and paddles great for people who know how to paddle. The previous reviews that tell of the Seekers lack of tracking do not know the boat. I have paddled the boat on numerous times and know that proper leans and stroke adjustments make this boat one that will really put some distance behind you. The boat is actually pretty maneuverable given its length.

I love the boat. I would give it a 10 if it were lighter in weight. The kayak has served me well on creeks, open reservoirs, open bays, and open oceans. If you find one on sale somewhere, grab it. You won't regret it. I have just gotten mine out of winter storage, ready to hit the water!

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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 8 of 10

     I've owned the Seeker for 3 years now. It is one of three boats I paddle. The first thing one will notice about the Seeker is its low deck height (for and aft) which really gives it a low pfofile. It is not affected much by cross winds. This low deck makes the fit best suited for people with shorter legs and smaller feet. I am 5'9, 175lbs. Built-in thigh braces allow the paddler to have good boat control through contact. As mentioned in other reviews, not for larger paddlers. On the water the Seeker is fast and responsive. It leaves barely a ripple as it knifes through the water. It really cuts through large waves and the arched deck quickly sheds water. The rounded bottom allows fluid transition from upright to leaning. I've had this boat in choppy conditions and it takes it in stride. This boat covers distance with little effort. Like my other boats, spend too much time in the saddle and you know why kayak seats are good for a Chiropractor's business. I have added seat pads in my boats to offset the inevitable. The Seeker's seat is no exception. Dagger builds its seats low to allow a good sprayskirt seal. Some folks retrofit their boats with backbands borrowed from our whitewater brethren. Having a rudder allows crisp handling and keeps things straight on course when it gets rough. Hard hatches have facilitated my paddle float rescue practice. Neoprene gaskets make a watertight seal. Overall I have enjoyed this boat. It will be up for sale this spring to make way for a new baby (something in wood or glass). Great boat for someone wanting a move up from a recreational boat.
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Submitted by: DagVesper
Rating: 8 of 10

     The seeker is a well rounded Kayak. But Not for the tall or big person I'm 5'7 160lbs. The low profile decks cuts down on windcocking, the seeker tracks well and has good haul speed. I've had this Kayak in rough seas, and it handled pretty well. I added a ruder for better handling in uncertain waters. Though on long trips the Kayak can be uncomfortable.
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Submitted by: SJLGSend Email
Rating: 6 of 10

     I recently went to a store and tried about 6 different boats. When trying the Seeker, I noticed that both initial and secondary stability was strong; responding well to a lean. I did figure however that a 16 foot boat would track better. The boat seemed to 'wander' wherever it wanted, and windcocked very badly, being hard to correct without a rudder. Keep looking at Dagger however-- they make a very good boat. I ended up going with the Savannah Expedition, awhich actually tracked better at 14 1/2 feet! See reviews at this site.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 5 of 10

     Tried this one out, and did not buy. Cockpit is too small and uncomfortable. Poor tracking for a longer boat.
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Submitted by: EB
Rating: 9 of 10

     I've had a Seeker since June '98. A good all-around boat. Fast, tracks well, fun to surf. A great beginners boat. Felt very stable to me early on. Plus, the customer service at Dagger is great.
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Submitted by: Steve
Rating: 8 of 10

     An excellent craft. As far as stability is concerned it's great and has the capability to handle rough water. I've even run class III rapids in this boat which amazing results. It tracks extremely well which detracts from any white water capabilty. A great boat for lakes rivers and creeks w/o technical rapids(tight turns etc).
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Submitted by: AinsleySend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     The seeker is an excellent all around boat. I was surprised at how well it maneuvered. It is a comfortable boat with plenty of storage room. It is very stable in rough conditions.
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