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Reviews for Sedna Kayak by Boreal Design

Rated: 5/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

Sedna Kayak by Boreal Design

Length: 15' 0" - Width: 23.25" - Starting at: $1399.00
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Rating: 7 of 10

     The Boreal Design Sedna is a quality plastic kayak with pretty good performance characteristics, at least ours is. I use this boat to take friends kayaking and my wife uses it as her primary boat. Boreal Design boats used to be made in Canada but are now made in Asia by a different company. I can not vouch for these new boats but our made-in-Canada kayak features a quality fit and finish of components and rigging that give you the feeling that you're in a boat that was expertly assembled by someone who shares your passion for paddling. Workmanship and materials are top notch for a plastic kayak.

The design has good and bad points in my opinion.

First the good:
Stable. Somebody who has never kayaked before can hop in, hit the water, and feel like a natural very quickly. I have had numerous friends who do not kayak use this boat, sometimes in moderately challenging conditions with no problems. Many tour companies in my area use this boat for rookie paddlers.

Maneuverable. When using the rudder, this boat will turn on a dime compared to my other kayak. This is very beginner friendly because when my non-kayaker friends want to turn they just pivot the rudder and the boat turns. They can just use an easy straight paddle stroke and let the rudder do the work instead of trying to turn by paddle stroke. The rudder is also very useful in wind and current to keep the boat on a desired heading.

The bad:
Tracks straight poorly. Without using the rudder, the boat's natural tendency is to turn at the slightest provocation. This could be a benefit to some people but I prefer straight tracking ability over turning ability. I do not want to be constantly focusing on keeping the boat going straight. My novice kayaker friends normally can not keep the boat straight so they revert to using the rudder. In my opinion it simply turns too easily to be a practical boat for non-rudder use. That is the only place where it loses points.

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Rating: 6 of 10

     I have paddled the Sedna several times as my brother owns one, and there are a few things I have to share. First it is a comfortable kayak to sit in, and has plenty of room for the paddler. The hatch covers are nice, but would recommend keeping a little (not too much) lube on the lip to make for easier installation. It is a very attractive kayak, but I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. It is not fast, but average for a 15 footer.

The main issue I have had with the boat is due to being a soft chined hull, it tracks terrible if not using the rudder. You almost feel that you are dog tracking, and maybe even paddling on a angle. The rudder fixes this satisfactorily, but without, it is frustrating.

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Rating: 2 of 10

     This is the worst kayak that I have ever been in. I have been renting kayaks for over a year now to find one that I want to buy for myself. I tried kayaking in a Sedna, but I could not get anywhere. It kept pulling to the left continually. My friend was in a different model Boreal and did not have any problem, but we had to return our rentals after only 30 minutes since I could not get anywhere on the water.
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