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Reviews for Airis Sport Kayak by Airis Kayaks by Walker Bay

Rated: 8.67/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

Airis Sport Kayak by Airis Kayaks by Walker Bay

Length: 10' 10" - Width: 33.00" - Starting at: $899.00
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Submitted by: leslie jurySend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Only been out on it a couple of times, very impressed, tracks well and fairly nippy and very easy to pack and carry. The floor has a slight problem - it seems the drop stitching has broken by the valve and has gone out of shape, keeping an eye on it and hope it does not spread. Contacted my local dealer 40 miles away !! Who does not seem that interested, I still have warranty left.
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Submitted by: AliceSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I got an Airis when they were new, about 4 years ago and used it daily in the Caribbean for about 4 months. Absolutely loved it. I used it to transport my two 5 year olds and myself to and from our sailboat and around waterfront towns. Then I got a puncture on the top of it -- some gear from another boat hull poked it -- and I have never been able to patch it adequately. My husband is a professional boat repairman and he could not patch it. The problem was that there were several layers of yellow and grey material (lumpy) and no patch could handle covering the various layers and the hole under such a high pressure. The air eventually found its way out!

If anyone has advice or if the company is willing to patch this for me I would gladly get it back out on the water. It is a really fun paddle boat.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I needed an inflatable kayak to travel back and forth from FL to NJ. I've always had ocean kayak and have to say I am really pleased with this model and brand. I am 6'0''and stocky 250lbs. when I first found this I was concerned about the weight limit but the dealer told me to load it in my car"chey HHR, seats down" and try it out on the bay at Ft. Myers.

The very first thing was it is so light 21 lbs. one hand pickup it was all I needed, since it was already inflated. This kayak is high psi 7 lbs you tap on it and it's hard as a hard shell. Well anyways it paddled great, no banana effect at all and it drafted to the middle of the name on the side approx 4" I was very happy with that, since the limit is 250 lbs. It has 2 inline skegs on rear and a low feature on the front which makes this track very well.

Back at the store I deflated the kayak and placed all the stuff in a very nice backpack. This kayak is very well made, which is evident of the steep price. But I need portability and ease of use. I hate fighting things to have a good time. The scupper valves are totally easy to get at in or out of water. This model has a built in dry bag which is a great feature and looks really great. I took it out to Tampa Bay and spent the day paddling to different beaches with my son and took on no water at all.

It's flying to New Jersey next to do a little class 1 with my wife after we get her Airis Play 9.5 model. 2 of these boats fit well in the trunk and when you're traveling you won't worry if they're still on your roof when you get back to the car. If you're in the market for a top notch inflatable, you have to check this out.

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