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Reviews for GPX Performance Kayak by Epic Kayaks, Inc.

Rated: 9.75/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

GPX Performance Kayak by Epic Kayaks, Inc.

Length: 12' 11" - Width: 25.00" - Starting at: $1695.00
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Submitted by: TERRY H HAIRSTON SrSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Agree with the good previous reviews 100% I bought a GPX Performance last winter and was so happy with it I've ordered a GPX ultra. Wondered about the stability but it is much more stable than I expected along with unbelievable ease of paddling for long trips. I like everything about it.
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Submitted by: PachaSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Got this boat last Fall and while I have only been out in a few times, I LOVE, love, love it! I live on Puget Sound and needed a boat light enough for me, 120lb Female to hoist over my bulkhead and carry down to the water by myself. This light boat is perfect. I can also strap down easily by myself on top of my car.

In addition to needing a very light boat, I wanted something that would perform in choppy waves on the Sound and be comfortable for someone who just had multiple hip surgeries and this boat delivers. I love it so much I bought another one this Spring.

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Submitted by: Old Dog PhilSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Howdy fellow kayakers and those of you looking for a great smaller, fast and stable kayak. This is my small review of the Epic GPX 12' 11" fiberglass model 36 lbs, yellow and white. I'm 5'11" 225 lb. size 11 boot, as of this writing 52 years old. Been paddling kayaks off and on since I was in my mid 20s mostly on MN lakes and rivers.

My main kayak is an old 1975 Hyper-Craft 13' 11" X 24" wide crossover kayak, kevlar hull and fiberglass deck @ 34 lbs. The Hyper-Craft has a rather smallish cockpit and a seat that is a little tight but this old boat is fun to paddle on days when the wind is on the calm side. The boat is fast to a point then it will start to loose control, when this happens I'm usually paddling as fast as I can paddle anyway. The boat is fun, fast, and stable, it will flip if careless or in a heavy tail wind.

The GPX has not flipped over in a heavy tail wind or huge 2+ foot whitecaps I always feel safe, scared at first but safe it also works good for fishing it is nice and stable.

Epic GPX:
To fully enjoy any sport you need the proper Quality equipment and kayaking is no different. Start with the Epic GPX beautiful lines, that is what first grabbed my attention a real beauty in every way. The tall bow with the low stern and very little to no rocker to slow you down. The cockpit is big this aids in entry and exit, foot pegs are easy to adjust the seat and back-band are comfortable. The forward deck has a special shape allowing extra clearance for optimal paddle stroke, no banging of knuckles. GPX has a very nice storage area behind the seat and ample deck lines and rigging for extra gear and safety.

Epic Kayaks are designed by 2X Olympic Gold and 11X World Champs, Greg Barton and Oscar Chalupsky. The kayaking experience of these two Premier Kayakers shows in the design, handling and speed of the GPX. Who designed your kayak?

This is a very fast kayak, call it a little rocket if you will, very easily controlled without need for a rudder or skeg. Been out on 30 + mph windy days 2 foot whitecaps the boat handled well going into, with and across the wind and waves. At first the huge waves scared me but after a few miles I sat back and enjoyed the beauty of the moment, waves, spray and all. Paddling into the 30 mph wind never really slowed me down that much I made great headway with every paddle stroke. Never felt like I might loose control, tip or anything, the boat will weather cock into the wind but easy to correct with technique. This boat does not ride up over big waves like my Hyper-Craft, a spray skirt for rough water is a good idea you will get wet. I have no experience ocean paddling only cold MN lakes, the Hyper-Craft will nose dive coming over the top of huge waves.

I can't say enough good things about this little kayak, beautiful, fast, stable, low profile, nice tracking, edging, control. Spending extra for a quality kayak is in my opinion money well spent, you will get much more enjoyment. Spending money on a plastic toy tub to save a few hundred is a very disappointing experience you will never reach nirvana.

Go paddle an Epic GPX then be prepared to find out how really pathetic and disappointing your current kayak is in comparison.

For the curious:
Download the wonderful kayak design program Bear Boat SP then go to the Analysis and do the KAPER comparison. Pick the (Epic Rec. 13) and compare it to any kayak listed you will see how fast this little kayak really is. From my personal experience I say it is even faster than what the KAPER comparison shows, a wonderful kayak in every way.

I just love my kayak couldn't be more happy.

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Submitted by: BobSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I just purchased the Epic GPX Performance and am very pleased with this kayak. I have paddled the lakes of Central FL for the past 5 years in a canoe and finally made the decision to sell the canoe and buy a kayak.

This is a General Purpose kayak and fits my needs perfectly. It is a composite yak and constructed very solid. The thing that sold me on the boat is the weight and the design. It only weighs 31 lbs. I am in my early 50's, but have a bad back. Did not want to haul around a 50-70 lb. boat. This boat really tracks well even though there is no rudder or skeg, even in the wind. This is due to the design of the yak. It is so much faster than a canoe and doesn't get blown around in the wind. I bought a spray skirt but have not used it yet. I may need it if I take the boat to the Florida Keys where it is a lot windier.

The boat is 25" wide and 12' 11" long and very stable. The width I don't think slows me down at all, and it tracks like a much longer yak. I did not want a boat that was too tippy. It has one storage hatch in the back. I bought a 2006 model from a local dealer and got 20% off the $2,000. retail price tag.

I am sure this yak is not for everyone, but if weight is a concern, check this boat out, it's truly "one hand" light! It is a little pricey, but worth it. I mean I plan on using this yak for years to come.

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