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Reviews for Neosport Farmer John Wetsuit 3mm

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     I have been wearing the Neosport Farmer John wetsuit for three months. I paddle 2-5 times per week and have put it through its paces.

This is an inexpensive wetsuit. I had a limited gear budget after buying a sea kayak, but knew I would need a decent wetsuit to be safe in cold weather. The wetsuit was affordable at $70, so I can't complain about the price. The garment feels a bit cheap and the cut seems to be proportioned strangely. My wetsuit was not listed as a "factory second" "irregular" or such so I assume this is the desired pattern.

I understand that wetsuits should fit snugly, but my large model is very tight at the waist and crotch. I am 5'8", fairly muscled 175# and have little body fat. I don't have a chiseled V-shaped athletic torso, but my shoulders are wider than my waist and I have an acceptable profile. The wetsuit is also a bit tight at the thighs, but seems a bit loose in the calves.

There are slick, protective patches on the knees, but not on the seat. The seat has held up fairly well, but I would have gladly paid another $5 for similar material on the seat. My seat hasn't worn through, but I take care to brush the beach sand from my wetsuit bottom before I sit in my cockpit or vehicle.

This is a good beginner's suit. I have worn it dozens or hundreds of times and it is still going. Like all neoprene, it benefits from a good rinse and occasional hand wash with neoprene specific shampoo.

If you have a limited budget and need a good first wetsuit, this garment will fulfill your needs.

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