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Reviews for Neosport Explorer Neoprene Boot

Rated: 5.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 2 of 10

     They leak. I stepped into ankle deep water long enough to step into my kayak and my feet were wet. I ordered them based on advertisements claiming they're waterproof but when I called customer service to complain that mine leaked he told me that they are not waterproof and will not keep your feet dry. Wet suit boots that are designed to let water in are snug fitting so the water that enters gets warmed up and keeps you warm. These Neosport 5mm Explorer kayak boots by Henderson are loose fitting, particularly in the ankle and calf area.

Perhaps someone who has spent an extended amount of time wading in them can comment on how much water they took in over time, how much it sloshed around in their boots, how heavy they became and whether or not the boots kept their feet warm in cold weather.

They look nice and, since I didn't test them thoroughly over time, I'll allow the possibility that with extended wading they may not continue to take in water at the rate they did with a brief exposure. Also, customer service at Wetsuit Warehouse and at the Henderson Company was courteous, professional and fair.

Much as I wanted to like these boots, I recommend spending the extra money and getting the waterproof kind, particularly for use in the kind of conditions where hypothermia could occur.

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Rating: 9 of 10

     I have worn these boots frequently for a few months and they have served me well. This is a tall, 5mm "expedition style" boot.
These boots are not as well made as Chota boots, but for $50, I have been very satisfied with them. They are definitely worth the money.

The boots are tall and prevent water and sand entry with a cinch at the top. A strap across the top of the foot ensures a snug fit. And they do fit snugly. Disregard the Neosport marketing verbiage stating that they accommodate thick socks if you purchase your normal size. I wear a size 9 or 10 work boot with a thin sock (silk or polypro) under a thick sock (wool or synthetic wool). I ordered the Neosport boot in size 10. I can wear a thin silk or polypro sock or just barely wear a thick wool sock, but not both. I suggest you order one size larger than normal.

There is a flat seam near the arch that felt rough to the finger, but hasn't been an issue so far.
The sole has a good grooved pattern and has held up pretty well. I walk across paved parking lots at some of my launches, and the sole has held up well-no thin, soft kayak boot will hold up like my heavy Red Wing workboots.

I have stepped in muddy stream beds with "suction cup" mud and the footstraps kept the boot on my foot.
The boots have never failed me. I have used them in a variety of conditions and they have performed very well. I don't expect them to hold up as well as Chota's, but I feel the performance of the boot exceeds the cost.

This is a good basic boot for the budget buyer. I detrimented Neosport one point for their false "generous fit" statement.
Highly recommended.

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