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Reviews for Pacific Outdoor Equipment Wxtex Deck Bag

Rated: 5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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     I have the WXtex deck bag without the clear TPU window.
Like the previous reviewer, I am disappointed with this bag. I find it substandard in both design and construction.

Construction: the bag just feels flimsy and cheap. I've used it a few times and it hasn't fallen apart, but it just feels cheap.

Design: Poor. The internal stiffener is a poor design. My bag was delivered in a "squashed" manner and this has become worse. It doesn't matter how careful you try to be, your deck bag will be impacted, you will rest your paddle on it, etc. As Pacific Outdoor touts the reinforcing component, I expected better resistance to weight.

The bag has colored panels and reflective material on the port, starboard and forward exterior walls. This configuration, however, was poorly designed. The six inches of reflective white material works as intended. The red material (port) green material (starboard) and combination red/green (forward) does not reflect a flashlight or spotlight beam. This is illogical.
I can understand the inclusion of reflective red/green material to duplicate the functionality of electric lighting. To include non-reflective patches is ridiculous. If the mfr intended the red/green material as a safety component, they need to rethink this.
Any boater close enough to see the non-reflecting red/green patches is far too close for safety. There is no logical reason for these components. POutdoor should have used reflective red/green patches or simply use more reflective white material. I would rather a powerboat or tug see white reflected on my beam than nothing...

Of course, I use nav lights, a white stern light, and a powerful headlamp at night, so I don't rely solely on my deck bag. But Pacifi Outdoor clearly attempted to duplicate bow nav light red/green functionality.

The bag does function sufficiently as a basic deck bag. I purchased the orange bag. There are yellow sections on top anchoring the daisy chain and this does increase my daytime visibility somewhat.

It doesn't appear that PO did any field testing of this product. Any experienced paddler would have quickly reported the combination poor build quality, substandard stiffener, and ridiculous red/green marking.

This is overall, a rather poor product. The significant technical issues noted above negate any storage benefits. You can do much better with another bag.

Not recommended.

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Rating: 4 of 10

     I am sorry to not remeber the model, but this is not the deck bag withthe GPS hoder (always advertised in Paddler Magazine). I have had this bag for almost a year and I am moderatly happy with it.

Let me first say that I am not a sea kayaker and my personal care for my kayak gear is average to minimal. When I first got this bag I flipped over in the local river. My cell phone and spare shirt were both dry. So I was EXstatic. This bag was doing it's job! Since that the Zipper has never gotten any easier to open or close, which bothers me. I chalk that one up to a bad bag. The internal suport to give the bag it's shape has never been right, but I racked that up to prolonged storage before my puchase. The final straw was when I saw fog inside one of the windows. I had a few hours today, so I go to repair this crack that I figured was from stoarge in the yard between trips. well there was a hole cracked in the plastic, and then I found many more around the seam of the windows. Duct tape does not stick to the fabric, so I am using another gluey sealant.

Personally I just can't imagine that I simply got the worst bag ever or that my one summer with it was so hard that I destroyed it.

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