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Reviews for Dyna-Flex Power Ball

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     Is this the perfect tool for exercising the arms and wrist for the paddler who has almost everything? Well it just may be. I bought one of these little gadgets three weeks ago and I can tell you that it has made a significant improvement in strength in my elbows, wrist, and forearms. The first day I used it for about 30 minutes switching it back and forth to each hand. The next day my arms were so sore I couldn't use it but that quickly went away as I got used to how it works. Once you understand how to use it you will find that it takes very little effort to keep it running. And that's the challenge, keep it running.

This has been on the market for some time and even made the cover of Time magazine, golfers and physical therapists have written rave reviews and posted them all over the internet for this device. I'm very surprised that no one in the paddling community has said anything about this neat little tool.

What is it? To be short it is a small plastic hand held gyroscope that once you get going exerts 35 lbs. of torque at rotation speeds of 9000 to 13000 rpm. It comes in several styles including a low cost basic model and on up to the 50 dollar model with LED's that light up as it generates it's own power and even comes with a speed meter. I got the mid priced Dyna-Flex with the lights for around 24 bucks. But the simple 19 dollar model is all you really need. They come with a simple little pull string that wraps around the inside ball to get it started but as you get used to using the gyro you will soon find that it is easy to start-up with the flick of your thumb.

I'm telling you this thing works and I'm hooked on it and find myself even using it as I drive the car (not recommended) It generates interest where ever I take it and it's fun to watch new-bees try to keep it going.

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