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Reviews for Sea Kayak Safety DVD

Rated: 7.6/10 Based On: 5 Reviews

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Submitted by: KarovaldasSend Email
Rating: 5 of 10

     As of early 2013, there are two more vastly superior DVD on sea kayak safety and rescues on the market: one from Gordon Brown (#2 in the Sea Kayaking series) and Kayak Essentials. There's also a visually stunning but sub-standard content-wise from Body, Boat, Blade.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 6 of 10

     This DVD fell well short of my expectations.
BCU has this aura of prestige as the best sea kayaking school on the planet so I expected high quality material on this title. Instead, I am hard-pressed to list anything worthwhile that I learned from this video. The content is very basic, detail and explanation is minimal, and the coverage is far from exhaustive. Furthermore, many of the techniques they present are considered out-dated among the ACA coaches I paddle with: lifting the kayak, crab entry, hooking the tow line to the hand-toggle loop, etc.

Production value is very low. There is no post-processing to boost color and increase contrast so the entire video looks foggy. The soundtrack feels designed to put you to sleep, although the voices of the speakers are reasonably clear.

The best parts of the video were the extras--especially the coast guard parts. But even those are questionable for the US contingent as they are UK specific.

I can't evaluate this video from a beginner's perspective. I suppose, if you don't have access to a sea kayaking symposium and don't know anything about sea kayak safety, this may be an OK investment. I would not recommend this for an intermediate paddler. There are excellent books on the topic. A reviewer below recommends two different DVDs on the topic. Best, though, attend a symposium. The rescues that are demonstrated in rough water look deceptively simple but don't be fooled: you are looking at some of the most skilled paddlers on the planet and it takes a lot of practice to display that ease.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     The 90-minute DVD Sea Kayak Safety by Leo Hoare and Olly Sanders is set at Anglesey, North Wales, and is recommended for the avid sea kayaker looking for a primer on rescues, despite it's rather pedestrian title.

The first 50 minutes of the video is dedicated to teaching single and team rescues. Although not as encyclopedic as Wayne Horodowich’s USK "Rescues" DVD, the outing with Olly and Leo has a distinct difference in that it is taught first on flatwater, and then in the ocean. Witness paddlers righting themselves and performing rescues in turbid conditions; supremely educational. Covered on this DVD are ladder rescues (called scramble or cowboy rescues in America), how to dump the boat of water, hand of God rescues, re-entry and rolls, and such.

I think that, for completeness, the Nigel Foster rescues DVD, or Wayne H’s DVD, is likely more thorough. They include stirrup rescues, complex paddle float use, paddle swims, and the like. Much of this is not seen on this DVD. Also lacking on Olly and Leo’s DVD is an explanation of reason for using each rescue. Although they are demonstrated it would be nice to know, for instance, that a particular rescue is better for larger paddlers, or better in cross chop. None of this is mentioned (although it is all particularly well mentioned on Wayne H’s DVD). I will say that, for towing specifically, which is an integral part of safety, Olly and Leo are exceptional, showing various tow devices and techniques of line, single, tandem and fan towing. One could argue that this DVD is a worthy companion to safety and rescues, with one of the other DVDs above as the flagship rescues DVD.

The final 50 minutes or so of this DVD is interesting, as it speaks with the Coast Guard about what information they need from you, the boater. What can they see from the water, what is hard to spot, what signaling devices are best (e.g. various types of flares), and how to use them. Next a rescue boat operator chimes in with information on rescuing small paddlecraft. These segments, although not the most lively on this disc, are informative, certainly.

Hard to rank the rescue DVDs, especially Nigel vs. Olly/Leo vs. Wayne H. Each has it’s own virtues and vices. I think if I could only get one, I would buy Nigel Foster’s DVD. It really covers a tremendous amount of material. Supplement it with Olly and Leo, and you have a fairly tidy set of rescue information.

Or you can do as I did: get one of everything.

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Submitted by: tvcriderSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     The “Sea Kayak Safety” DVD is a must for every sea kayaker’s video library. Sea kayaking coaches Sanders and Hoare provide excellent, clear instruction on various types of rescues. I found it extremely helpful that the DVD is divided into chapters. This allows the viewer to immediate access and view a particular rescue technique. You are not forced have to view the video from start to finish, but you can if you wish.

All rescues are initially demonstrated on flat water. The venue is then changed to the bit more “textured” conditions of the Anglesey Sea around North Wales, where the technique is successfully executed in the rough stuff. Now we can see where many of those BCU Five Star paddlers paddle and play! Try to find those conditions our waters in New England. This is great stuff. Total run time with extras is 90 minutes. I give it Two Thumbs Up!

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     This is a superb DVD, it is British made by two very experienced sea kayakers. The content begins with rescues and self rescues- some of these were familiar(from other productions like "Performance Sea Kayaking" etc), but there are many other techniques I'd never seen before. These are all shown in calm water at first then on much rougher sea to show how they do them in "real" conditions! The second part may be more UK specific with a whole section on safety- this includes a coastguard lecture(on flares,strobes, mobile phones,VHF etc) and watching the RNLI perform some rescues. This part I was particularly impressed with, as it explains so much about how the emergency services co-ordinate rescues and what kit is best carried "on person" at all times.

A truly valuable asset which I've watched many times already!

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