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Reviews for Elite 16 Canoe by Scott Canoe

Rated: 7.5/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

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Rating: 9 of 10

     I purchased my Scott Elite 16'canoe several years ago and have been very pleased with it, esp. the portaging. We didn't like the 'tractor' type seats and replaced them with homemade wooden ones covered with webbing. The front seat is moveable, we usually use the rearmost position as this keeps the fine (narrow) bow lighter in heavy waves. It is rated for something like 700 lb. and we have never had a problem in large waves even heavily loaded (~525 lb.). It is a fast lake canoe and we find it difficult to maneuver in tight rapids, and as a result it has taken it's fair share of bumps, all without problems. I rate it a 9 instead of a 10 because of the seats and it's poor maneuverability in rapids.
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Rating: 7 of 10

     My father in-law has the more basic layup of this model (Echo 16) and my wife and I use it for day trips and the odd longer trip. The boat is about 10-15 years old but has weathered and held up well.

Overall we like the way it handles. It's fairly fast for the length and the keel, but also it tracks well. Stability is decent and it's pretty maneuverable. We haven't done much river work with the boat - I don't want to break the boat...

We did a shorter trip with it last weekend with two big packs (and my 215 lb. self in the bow). I wouldn't put much more in it, but it carried us fine with stability and freeboard and didn't take on much spray in 2ft waves. The rental boats were Scott Prospectors and ours was noticeably faster.

We're interested in buying our first boat and have been demo'ing boats. We're interested in something a bit larger for bringing our dog along and for bigger trips. There are faster and nicer-paddling designs out there, but the Scott is still a really nice and versatile boat. I think it's marketed as a lower-capacity beginner's boat and that's fair. The fiberglass version is also pretty reasonably priced.

Just get a deep dish yoke if you portage! The factory one wasn't friendly. The best $50 you'll spend, guaranteed. The ~60lb fiberglass model wasn't terrible to carry.

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Submitted by: SebSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Purchased the Elite16 from a local dealer this summer (2006), new. I have been comparing a lot kevlar 16-18 canoes over the past couple of months and Elite ended up being the one I purchased simply because it made it to the top7 short-list and of local availability (wanted to see before buying). I believe the hull construction is designated as Expedition Kevlar or Ultralight Kevlar (I should check for sure). While the sales-assistant quoted it to be 48lbs, one of the very first things that struck me once we were out in the woods is that she is a dream to carry. Don't get me wrong, I detest portaging as much as the next guy, but having rented almost every kevlar model offered by the rental-places in the province, this one ALMOST makes it fun. (read: she may be 48lb but she feels more like 38lb). The hull has a shallow keel which might suggest better tracking characteristics, but that aspect I was a little disappointed with. Perhaps my expectations were a little high. The boat is symmetrical and for some reason I found that for stability on wind-waves I had to put more weight toward the bow then conventional wisdom might dictate. In the past I never gave my ratchet-action roof rack strap-ons a second thought, and tightened rental boats till the ratchets could not be clicked any more, but at the purchase I was warned to be careful how much pressure I apply on the Elite16. Apparently ratchet straps are known to have damaged such delicate boats in the past. Needless to say I am now using 4medium tension straps , rather then 4hight tension straps. I tend to baby the boat in general, seeing how it is still shiny and new. If you will go on white-water or don't want a delicate boat, this one is not for you. I have only done one 5day near-wilderness trip in her, so my rating may be quite subjective at this point still. But definitely a good first impression.
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Rating: 5 of 10

     I ordered my Elite canoe in 2005 and was disappointed in the finish when I got it. There were little bubbles in the gel coat that will probably blister and also a bump (dimple) in the hull. Do not buy a canoe without seeing it first. People told me this and I think it needs to be restated when buying canoes because the quality and workmanship of the product can vary so much. The design of the canoe is meant for smaller capacities. I had about 275 lbs. in the canoe and wouldn't recommend very much more weight in it to work safely. This really is a recreation canoe.
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