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Reviews for Raven Canoe by Swift

Rated: 8.25/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

Raven Canoe by Swift

Length: 15' 4" - Width: 32.2" - Starting at: $1495.00
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Rating: 8 of 10

     I've owned 20 + canoes , 10 of them solo and paddled others that belonged to paddling buddies. The Raven is the best long distance (7+ days) big water solo tripping boat on the market. Of course everything is a compromise in canoe design with speed and tracking ability balanced with gear carrying capacity, maneuverability and a dry entry. The Raven's best feature is ample capacity and a bow with enough volume and purposeful sheer to keep things pretty dry. Since fully loaded tripping boats rely less on turning ability than ease of ferrying to maneuver the 3"//2 1/2" bow/stern rocker is a little excessive (2 1/2" //2" would probably be better)and a little less rocker would make tracking and ferrying a tad easier. That said the Raven is not a difficult boat to paddle straight and has very comfortable appointments (read seat!). The extra rocker would actually be a plus if you were running a rapid with the boat empty. The deep hull and pronounced (for a tripping boat) rocker can make paddling this boat a bear in windy conditions but if you're using it for it's intended purpose you'd probably want to add a spraydeck which will help to ameliorate the effects of the wind - plus keep you all-around drier in any situation
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Submitted by: KarlSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     This is a good wilderness tripper. Good speed on open water, tracks well, OK glide, turns in moving water (have not had it out in any class 3 yet), good primary and great secondary stability and you can stand up to scout rapids.

You can easily put in a propack and small pack and still trim it so the gear is not jammed in the ends. If I was ordering one I ask for aluminum trim to save weight. Or look for a used Royalite.

This a better canoe than the SuperNova (not as fast). The Mad river Guide(aka solo Freedom) is nice but lacks the volume for extended trips.

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Rating: 8 of 10

     I concur with the previous review. On flat water, no wind, it's am agile and quick canoe, easily kept on track. Not too shabby in a light crosswind breeze, either.

On a solo canoe trip, with a pack fore and aft, it really shows it's tracking abilities. on rivers and streams that twist and turn it is very maneuverable. I do wish that it had a sliding seat to better distribute weight, but when tripping, pack placement does the trick. The kneeling pads are great.

I suggest the use of 303 Protectant on the hull for UV protection and to keep the boat looking great.

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Submitted by: SuntanSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     What a beautiful boat! Signature model. The perfect river tripping canoe. I found it used at an outfitter who did not know what he had. It did everything well and looked good doing it.
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