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Reviews for Inuk Kayak by Kirton

Rated: 10/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

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Rating: 10 of 10

     Kirton Inuk is rare in Calif. So I got mine in NJ thru the Classified Ads (PN). Having owned an Nordkap HMC, Epic V-10S and Seda Glider I thought the Inuk shouldn't be a problem on stability. On the water it tracks straight but unlike the Nordkapp & Glider, it turns more so. The difference is that the Inuk has a slight rocker. The stability reminds me of my Norkapp HMC (narrower than the new ones). The FG layout is thick on the hull and lite on the top side. This makes it durable where it's needed. Even though the cockpit opening is relatively small there is no problem sliding in. Seated inside, there is a lot space around my 33" waist. The original seat was removed and replaced with a shaped foam one. Figuring out the best the seat position for me took awhile.

The amazing thing with the Inuk is how much is glides in the water. Checking and comparing hydrostatic figures of different kayaks, the Inuk has the same efficiency at slow speeds of the better 16 ft. kayaks designs. It gets better past 6 mph. I've only paddled the Inuk in 4-6 ft. waves and I thought I was to capsize (I'm flat water paddler) a hundred times but did not! The very low deck behind the cockpit is a big plus for re-mount or roll.

Inuk is definitely for an intermediate or advanced kayaker. I rate it as 1 of the top 3 kayaks I've owned and tested. It's a great kayak design for me.

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Rating: 10 of 10

     The Inuk is a speedy sea kayak. Built for racing, it is also an excellent boat for day workouts. in 500/1000 meter sprints my very first time out in the boat, with a conventional paddle I recorded 6.5/6 MPH, without paddling that hard. For a boat that is only 19 inches wide and 18 feet long, the stability is surprising (on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 7). I am an intermediate level paddler, and I have no trouble keeping this boat upright. It feels a little tippy at first, but the (so-called) secondary stability is great. You can definitely lay this boat on it's edge. The construction is first rate. The boat is built for either 'knees up' or you brace against the sides in heavier or following seas. The Inuk comes in three constructions, Fiberglass, Carbon/foam core, or double carbon. All three are very light at 52, 44 and 39 pounds respectively. The foot brace/rudder board is rather ingenious. The lower board is fixed for good leg drive, and the upper board is on a pivot for steering with the rudder. Just flick your toe to engage the rudder. The Inuk rates a 10!
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Rating: 10 of 10

     Fast, excellent second stability tracks very well clever seating, can shift weight around to enable excellent edge control to steer course in qtr seas fore and aft, has plenty of storage easy packing of winter paddling gear and week supply of rations best feature is a wet ride punching through wave tide and wind.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     One of the best sea kayaks available when it comes to handling and speed. Nice balance and good leg room. Can be hand rolled. Itís a low to medium volume kayak.
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