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Reviews for Travel Kayak Kayak by Ex Officio

Rated: 8/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Submitted by: Carlo ASend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     First of all, if you're interested in purchasing this kayak, you're probably not seeking professional grade. Like me, you're most likely going to be kayaking in calm lakes or at a bay. There are however some inflatable yaks that compete in pro class, but expect to shed some dollars. I recently purchased this kayak second hand for 260CAD (what a steal!), and it used to retail for approx 500$.

The yak is quite flat and wide, which helps in preventing capsizing (it feels that way). It is roughly 8 ft long and 3 ft wide. It has a small sturdy skeg in the rear and a slim mini skeg in the front: they are both similar in length (the front one seems useless - maybe designed to cut through waves). The material seems really strong: the outer canvas layer keeps everything taught; the flotation tube pvc material is similar to air beds (pretty thick).

For a recreational yak, this thing moves fairly easily and turns very quickly. It is slightly wobbly when in wavy condition - but nothing dramatic. The legroom is great. I measure 171cm/5'7" and I sit really comfortably. It absorbs shocks really well! I think a 6' person will not be able to extend the legs fully (will have to bend the knees a bit). The platform over the legs is strong and big enough to carry things like a small cooler; no other storage location though.

I used a dual action pump which inflated the whole thing in approx 5 mins. It has 6 air chambers in total: two chambers for the hull/body have, I think, boston valves - great to release air. A chamber for the floor, the outer ring/lip, and two bladders right under the storage deck.

The bottom line:
This yak is significantly and seriously better than Canadian Tire/Walmart inflatables since those crappy things are made of the same materials as beach balls and cheap pool chairs etc. I give it an 8 because of its lack of speed.

This yak is honestly the intro level of true inflatables. Don't expect high speeds and the like - it is a recreational. I am a beginner and I already feel its lack professionalism. If you want one to simply have a good time, and the price is right (up to 350$), get it by all means. I plan on taking it in deep and wavy lake waters (crazy stuff). I'll update the feedback after that happens.
Good luck and enjoy it!

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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 8 of 10

     We love kayaking. My wife and I have a prijon capri & a Necky SantaCruz. we love them both. The only problem is that we don't have any extra kayaks when guests or family come over and want to paddle along with us.

I happened to see this kayak in the great outdoor provisioning company store and sat in it. It just looked neat and seemed rather convienent an idea for small storage kayak. But, I assumed paddling characteristics would be sub-par. I requested the store bring one a long to a recent boat demo so I could try it out. It was a very fun boat to paddle. The thing actually paddles quite well, and turns on a dime. I could get some speed out of it and decent tracking if I didn't put any hip into my stroke - which actually beginers don't tend to do anyway. Any hip will torque the boat in the opposite direction. The company happened to be running a special that day to promote their buzzoff clothing with a kayak reduced to $200 with a $50 clothing purchase. We liked liked the kayak so much my wife and I both bought one for guests and for a quick jaunt to the lake when we don't want to mess with the truck rack and transporting the hard shells. While these little numbers are not what I would take white water yaking, or for a tour, they are quite fun for day kayaking and the quality looks fantastic. For a boat, pump, AND a paddle (decent 4 piece touring backup!) I expect this will be a very popular product. I was quite impressed with the whole package, it's lite, quick to pump up, looks high quality, and actually performs like a little kayak. I recommend this kayak as a real bargin for the price.

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