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Reviews for Inferno Kayak by Futura Surf Skis

Rated: 10/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Rating: 10 of 10

     I recently bought this ski (my first one). I knew it would be tippy like any other fast boat so I focused on proper paddling technique rather than learning the hard way. Like other skinny racing kayaks they like a K1 Olympic kayak stroke using good foot bracing & rotation. No more, no less. On my 4th time out after a good stroke practice I just jumped on it and took off. Bracing with the feet did the trick. Very smooth and fast racing boat. More stable than the Fenn Mako 6. The construction and lines on this boat are very sweet too. For a racer it doesn't get much better than this.
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Submitted by: Peter GSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I just picked up my Inferno that Vince Darwood correctly determined from a telephone conversation would my boat. After racing home to Vancouver against a setting sun I had time for a first paddle. I love this boat, I am in Kayak heaven and I want to quit my job and paddle my Inferno around the world.

Firstly, the boat is solid and well designed. The core Vince uses in the layup produces a solid hull and deck with no oil canning. The cockpit is spaceous and can accomodate someone far taller than my 6'2" frame. The foot peddle adjustments don't move. The hull shape gives the perfect combination of initial stability and speed. The bow entry produces minimal slap in oncoming waves. Turns smoothly and easily thanks to the rudder location. But this is the part I really love. The Inferno is a surf ski so it better surf and surf it does. It surfs on anything and accelerates on a dime.

It is also fast. I felt like I was buzzing around English Bay on a motorboat. I would highly recommend this ski.

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Rating: 10 of 10

     Last weekend I attended and competed in the wavechaser series in redwood. CA. Vince Darwood let me borrow his own Inferno. He is the owner of the company, with out even knowing me. A very nice gesture. I had not been in a kayak since november! The boat had adjustable fot braces which helped me get set up. the boat is amde very well and ligth and solid construction. The rudder assmbly was great the boat tuend on a dime it rode wash and turned at the bouy with great ease. The boat accellerated to speed very smoothly and quickly. Once under speed it held it. We got hit with a bunch of side wakwes and they boat stayed rigth on course. The fit of the boat is really good. This is one fast well built racing ski. The big factor is this boat tracks super the other skis had their bow out the water so they deflected easy. The Inferno stayed glued on course. Bottom line great racing Ski.
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