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Reviews for Tilley Summer and Winter Hat

Rated: 9.67/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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     I've owned a Tilly T4 hat for 3 years now. It has gone from the Boundary Waters to the Dominican Republic and everywhere in between. My wife has taking somewhat of a liking to it also... she always asks if I have it packed, probably because I complain if I don't have it. Great in pouring rain or hot and humid conditions. It washes in the machine and retains its shape. Buy one you won’t be sorry.
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Rating: 9 of 10

     When I purchased my Tilley some 15 years ago I thought I was crazy for spending, as I recall, $40 for a hat. Over the years it has worked out great. Like the washing instructions state, Give it Hell. When necessary I throw it in the washer although lately I've been using one of the more gentle cycles as some of the fabric on the front part of the brow is starting to wear through. Nevertheless, a great hat!!!
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     I have owned a lot of hats and they all pretty much do the job. Durability was not much of an issue because I got them free or cheap and tossed them. At some point I started taking my Dad's advice and buying the best I could afford so now I have 2 Tilley hats. I also got bald and sun conscious along the way , so those were also factors.

Both hats are very well made-serious quality and workmanship.And made in North America. The summer hat offers excellent ventilation and UV protection and the winter hat is really warm. And they both look good, even on my head. And they have a lifetime warranty against wearing out.

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