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Reviews for Adirondack Kayak by Walden Kayaks

Rated: 8/10 Based On: 7 Reviews

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Rating: 10 of 10

     My wife and I purchased two Adirondacks back in 2002. The yaks have been great for what we use them for. They are not the fastest yaks on the water, but they are very stable with sound initial stability. They track nicely and handle fairly well despite being a rec. boat.

We take groups out as a way to give back to our community and these yaks have served us well when it comes to taking larger paddlers out. First-time paddlers love them because of the stability and the comfortable seat. The nice thing about a yak like the Adirondack is it's ability to run in very shallow water. It has quite a footprint to displace your weight over which allows a person to slide over shallow places where many others will get hung up. Another feature we liked was the 3-layer construction. The yak has a layer of plastic, a layer of foam sandwiched in-between, and another layer of plastic. This makes for a warmer paddle into late fall, winter, and early spring. If the river is open, we go. With a spray skirt on to hold more heat in the cockpit, paddling in cold weather is much nicer in this yak. All-in-all, we consider the Walden Adirondack a good investment.

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Rating: 7 of 10

     Recently rented this model for a paddle on a tidal river (Bass River, MA)and found it to be fairly responsive. The kayak was a bit unwieldy regarding tracking straight and was not as fast as I would have expected. I was paddling with a group of shorter singles and it was about equal. The seat was ok and the foot pegs were the standard inexpensive rail mount type. This boat was quite prone to rolling in the turns although doing so with a stable feel. All in all a nice functional kayak with reasonable features.
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Rating: 5 of 10

     I purchased one of these for my daughter and recently tried it, it is slow...very slow, tracking alright. Seat is comfortable though. Heavy, over 45 lbs. Price was right though. Under $500 new
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Rating: 9 of 10

     We purchased two Adirondacks this last summer. They replaced a two seat Ocean Kayak 'sit on top'. We purchased the skirts, and mounted 'fish pole' holders on one. These boats are very stable (and 'Dry'). We had a few leaks in the stern hatch which silicon mitigated the problem.
-The best features are the adjustable foot pedals, and easy up-down rudders
-The seat is the most comfortable seats on the market
-Stability (and still quite fast)
We also mounted 4-8 U-bolts via rivet gun to attach loose items. We looked at several other brands, but picked the Walden Adirondacks for the comfort and stability.

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Submitted by: TFFSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     My wife and I have been paddling our Adirondacks all summer. The Adirondack is an excellent kayak which delivers exactly what it promises - fantastic comfort, excellent stability, and good handling! We have found the tracking to be very good. The stern compartment has stayed dry in rough water on local lakes and rivers. Had no problems with the adjustable foot pegs and found the paddle holder to be convenient. Customer service from Walden has been very good although by now Tracy probably turns green when he sees an email from me. We purchased our kayaks as a platform for wildlife photography, a bit of fishing and sight seeing so speed was never really a consideration. I don't find the Adirondack to be particularly quick but I've also paddled boats which are a lot slower (interestingly, my daughter who weighs about half of what I do can really make this boat fly). Kudos to Walden for their use of recycled plastic and for hooking up with Mountain Equipment as a dealer here in Canada! Couldn't be happier!
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Rating: 7 of 10

     This product review thing has helped me and the wife a lot in choosing the kayak that is right for us. So, I thought I would add my two cents in on a couple of boats we have tried extensively. The Adirondack is an extremely stable, comfortable boat. The cockpit is huge and is easy to get into. The seat alone is almost worth the price of the is, without a doubt, the most comfortable adjustable seat I've tried. (I'm 6'3", 225 lbs) The storage space in the back is huge and the cord for holding your paddle is very handy. And the Poly hull itself is very durable, strong, stiff and, dare I say, unsinkable.

However, the kayak is extremely slow. Slow. Did I mention...SLOW! Almost tank like. Tracking wasn't great. And the thing weighs a lot (between 49-55 lbs, depending on who you talk to). And the foot pegs were on the edge of too short for someone my size. But, it is a good price ($600 CDN) and it is a great beginnner/slow poke kayak. If you can tip this kayak, you shouldn't be on the water! You will, however, need a couple of people to get it on your car or truck. Great cottage or fishing kayak.

I really like the use of recylced materials by Walden, and I commend them on that. I will, however, be trying the Walden Vista instead.

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Rating: 8 of 10

     The Adirondack has proved to be the perfect Kayak for my needs. I have two young children and wanted to bring them along. I considered a Tandem but to big and difficult to handle. Adirondack has a large cockpit that allows the children to sit in front of me and I can paddle without obstruction. The Kayak is ultra-stable at 29" in width, but will still move along a very good pace. At 50lbs. it's a little bit to handle, but for a guy my size no problem. The seat is super comfortable and easily adjusted as are the foot peddles. This is a great hybrid boat which does well on lakes, rivers and inland water ways. A major thumbs up at $400.00.
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