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Reviews for Discover Kayak by Northwest Kayaks, Inc.

Rated: 10/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Submitted by: no name
Rating: 10 of 10

     Bought this kayak used (itís a í98) a month ago due to a great price for kayak, lightweight paddle, skirt, rooftop carrier and dolly. This is a quality fiberglass kayak with white hull and red top. I had been steadily purchasing better and faster kayaks during the past 3 years (I had only started kayaking when I had reached the eligible age for AARP), moving from a 10í Pelican to a 12í Perception Sundance, to a 14í Wilderness Systems Tsunami to this 17í NW Discover. I donít think I need to look any further. The Discover is fast, tracks straight even without using the rudder and is quite stable once you are inside. It does take some good balance getting in and out of. I modified the seat back with some extra foam rubber for my particular needs. I even had to do this to the Phase 3 of the Tsunami. Even that highly regarded seat was not right for me. Iím 6í9íí and 170lbs and kayak about 5 times a week (I think Iím addicted). Living on a Texas lake allows me to do this 12 months of the year. I go early mornings in the summer and afternoons during the winter. Each of the boats that I have kept has its own strengths. Iíll keep the 12í for rivers and visitors, the 14í for exploring lake shorelines and use the 17íDiscover for the open water of lakes or bays. I also have a Hobie Mirage Classic with foot peddles for when I overdo my shoulders and need a rest. But nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from paddling the Discover.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have owned the same NW Discover for about 9 years. It is NOT a good first boat, but for those who have developed good skills she is outstanding. She can carry 10 days of food and water for a trip in the Everglades, and still have room to carry some of your buddies gear!

Empty she has enough speed to surf big ocean ground swells. With practice, a combination of edging, rudder and sweep strokes can make her turn like a much smaller boat-regardless of load.

I've done two Everglades Challenges (see and did very well in both races.

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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 10 of 10

     I took my first lesson in this boat. At first it seemed tippy but as my skills improved the initial stability settled down and the secondary stability is excellent. This is a well built, solid boat. I have been paddling it for 5 years and taken it on numerous trips. It holds a ton of gear, is fast loaded or unloaded and turn on a dime when put on its beam ends. This boat has never leaked any water into the storage compartments from the hatches or the bulkheads.. even when doing roll-a-thons. My only complaint is the cockpit size. Im 5'11" and have plenty of room to get in and out but would have appreciated a more defined keyhole cockpit to aid in bracing my knees/thighs. Other than that it rocks...
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