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Reviews for NC 15 Excursion Kayak by NC Kayaks

Rated: 9.25/10 Based On: 8 Reviews

NC 15 Excursion Kayak by NC Kayaks

Length: 15' 8" - Width: 23.00" - Starting at: $2199.99
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Rating: 10 of 10

     This review is by a very experienced paddler: over 30 years; having paddled on various waters around the world. (I have owned and paddled well over 50 different fiberglass/kevlar and folding kayaks, including: Current Designs, P & H, Necky, Feathercraft, Klepper, Folbot, Nautiraid, Nigel Foster, Dagger, and Wilderness System ...among many others).
I am 5' 10"; about 210 lbs with very big legs and (regrettably) a somewhat aging back. This review is after paddling one time on my local fresh water lake in fairly windy conditions.

Recently purchased the lite version of the NC Excursion kayak, by Novus Composite Kayaks, made in Tacoma, WA. The Excursion has one large aft hatch. (However, you can get the same boat with an additional hatch in the bow.)

Ordered this kayak over the phone (after finding it online) at a fantastic sale price. This on a beautiful 39 lb, 15' 9" fiberglass kayak. Communicating with Doug at NC Kayaks was easy and the shipment itself was impressive. They also have a nice website, which is very useful.

Boat arrived in Raleigh, NC in just 6 work days. It was custom boxed and padded, arriving perfectly, without a scratch. Thought the shipping charge ($275) was also reasonable, considering it traveled all the way across the country (and in the middle of the winter). Have paddled it just once but here are my initial impressions:

This boat is fairly fast -- especially for its' length. It also has excellent initial stability. Have yet to test it too much on edge, as the water here is still close to freezing. However, I think it will edge just fine. The two things that really make this boat standout are the weight -- (yes that's right, just 39 lbs!) and its' tracking ability. Keep in mind this boat has no rudder and no skeg. I paddled it in 15-17 knot winds and incredibly, this boat would not weathercock -- at all. In fact, I later told Doug that I could never remember paddling a boat that tracked like this one -- even in pretty significant winds.

Apparently there has been at least one paddler review concerned about the strength of the fiberglass layup -- in the 39 lb version. However, unless you are looking to do big time expeditions and do lots of pretty hard surfing, I would not be concerned with this boat at all. I find the layup just fine and plenty rigid. It is strong enough for probably 99% of the paddlers out there. The seat seemed placed a little more forward than any other kayak I've ever paddled. That, combined with a relatively short (slightly) square stern, should make it very good, if you ever plan to paddle through any surf.

The seat is well designed and I felt no numbness in my legs-- even after my initial 4 hour paddle. It was designed with a pretty low back, which should help if you are interested in rolling. However, for me I would have given this up for a slightly higher back design and more support. Not a big issue though, as I use a pad, wedged behind my back and the seat, for the additional support I desire.

Fit and finish of this boat is very good. Just a couple of very tiny rough spots on the interior, but nothing I couldn't sand out in a few minutes. Quality of gel goat seems exceptional. These are truly some of the more beautiful boats I've ever seen. Hatch design appears fine -- has the typical knobs that rotate (to open and close); then you lift it straight out. It does have a pretty large hatch area; so for those interested in camping, if you pack carefully, you should be able to do a couple of nights w/o too many issues. Another nice feature of this kayak is the paddling position. I found the cockpit just the right size for me -- not to difficult to get in and out of, but also pretty ideal contacts points (with my knees and hips)once inside the boat. In terms of where the seat puts you relative to the water line and your paddle -- which I think is a critical component of any kayak -- I thought it was ideal. I used a 23 oz, 215 cm, two piece adjustable, all carbon Epic paddle - and I felt no extra effort required in my strokes.

One seemingly odd aspect of this kayak is what NC Kayaks calls its "performance flange". Think of this as a kind of rub rail that goes around your boat. It is a kind of hard plastic, and they claim it will never come off. This flange seems to create more lip than any other kayak I've seen, but it did appear to reduce water splash onto the deck (one of the reasons for the design, I believe). Just looks a little funny, but on the other hand is fine -- once you are used to it. My paddling buddies seemed to like it right away though.

I can add more information later, as we will see how the boat holds up over time. Right now, however, I feel pretty confident in saying that I doubt there is a better all round paddling, light weight composite kayak, on the market, at this price.

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Rating: 10 of 10

     I was fortunate to find a NC15 used and in great condition about 6 months ago. This is my first kayak and I couldn't have found a better fit. I love the clean uncluttered lines and have found the seat to be very comfortable. Reading the reviews before I saw the kayak, I felt it would be a kayak I could grow into and suited to the type of paddling I wanted to do. I've taken it in Monterey Bay, estuaries, lakes, rivers and Puget Sound. It glides and turns well without a rudder as the manufacturer claimed it would. No weathercocking to speak of and the length makes it a very smooth ride. I'd buy a new one without hesitation.
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Submitted by: JeffWSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I've had an NC 15 Excursion LT for about 6 months now and am thoroughly satisfied with it. I paddle on Chesapeake Bay and tributary rivers and creeks and have had it out in open water with 15-20 knots of wind. It's easy to paddle and performs well with little weather cocking. I was looking for something in the 15'-16' range that weighed 40 lbs or less and came across this company and boat which seemed to meet my requirements for length, weight and style - and all at a very reasonable price.

I admit to having had reservations about the material (fiberglass) and the shape of the seat. I would urge anyone considering one of the NC line to spend some time on their website with the FAQ's. That handled a number of my concerns but I still had some reservations. So, after several attempts to reach them by e-mail, I ended up spending about an hour on the phone with Doug, who dealt patiently and thoroughly with all of my concerns. In spite of there being absolutely no pressure or sales pitch from Doug, by the time we were finished I felt completely comfortable placing the order. Doug assured me that the seat, which I thought looked hard and uncomfortable, had actually been carefully designed with input from an outside orthopedic professional and was quite comfortable. That turned out to be absolutely correct. I love the contour of it and the low back, which makes entry and exiting much easier than my previous boat. I have a gel pad for the seat but rarely use it on this boat.

I also like the performance flange, which, while a bit unsightly, does all of the things they say it does; plus it serves as a sort of fender to prevent scratches when along side a dock (and you do not want to scratch this boat!). The fit and finish of the boat are excellent, although I could have done with fewer company decals. There are no thigh pads, which I like for edge turns, but that was easily remedied with some foam pads and glue.

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Submitted by: jwsSend Email
Rating: 5 of 10

     I've had an NC 15 Excursion for two weeks and have had it out twice, once on flat water with an 8-10 knot breeze and once on coastal waters with a 4-7 foot swell and 2-4 foot shorebreak. Must say I don't trust the LT lay-up-got a 2" crack in the gelcoat unloading from my rack. I was also surprised that the boat weathercocked in a relatively light breeaze (8-10knots). Although the boat is indeed slow to broach on a breaking wave, it is also slow to turn in the same situation. The front bulkhhead leaks, and there are no tethers on the hatch covers. In addition, NC Kayaks only warranties the hull/deck seam for one year- a pretty short warranty for a boat the they say should last many years. The boat arrives covered with decals, and, unless you want to advertise NC Kayaks, plan on spending a couple of hours removing them. So, although I like the light weight and agree that his boat is quick for it's size, I can only give it a five out of ten.
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Submitted by: mgnum21Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Have been using NC 15 Excursion for about two years and I am very pleased with it. Used on lakes, rivers, bays and it has been a great performer. Superior secondary stability.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     Recently won a NC 15 through WOW!! This is the smoothest and quickest kayak I have used. The stability is super and it just cuts through the water. Entered a fun competition last weekend. 30 boats. I easily placed first with time to spare. NC is the best!
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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     NC 15 LT version - Very light, quick easy to paddle and stabile, tracks very well. The best combination of reasonable cost, wt. (39 lbs.), comfort, good looks, and performance that I found in a year of looking. Lots of fun in the power boat traffic of the Lake River and the big water of the Columbia, touring and even fishing. I am 5'8" 150# and the kayak feels and handles like an extension of my body.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 10 of 10

     I have only had this boat for 3 weeks, but have had it out a lot in the Chesapeake Bay in up to 18 knot measured wind and with no rudder or skeg, no problem. It comes up to speed in a few strokes, tracks well, turns very easily and surfs great. The fit and finish is excellent. I am 6'3"- 200 pounds and am real comfortable as are 5'4" 125 pounders. 15'8" 39 pounds makes the boat easy to load and carry. The boat gets compliments on looks all the time.
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