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Accent Air Kayak Paddle - Recently Reviewed!   1 Reviews!
Accent Diamond Edge Helium paddle   3 Reviews!
Accent Elite FX Edge Kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Accent Premium Core Fit Kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Accent Select Lanai Carbon paddle   2 Reviews!
Advanced Elements K-Light Paddle   1 Reviews!
Advanced Elements Touring Full-Carbon 4Part Paddle   1 Reviews!
Ainsworth K 104 Kayak Paddle   3 Reviews!
American Traders Beavertail Paddle   2 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray All-Carbon Paddle (Posi-Lok)   1 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray All-Carbon Paddle (TLC)   10 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray Hybrid Paddle (TLC)   2 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Expedition AMT (Discontinued)   13 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound FinStalker (Discontinued)   1 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Flaire kayak paddle (Discontinued)   1 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Manta Ray (Posi-Lok)   4 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Manta Ray (TLC Twist Lock)   16 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Odyssey 7 canoe paddle   1 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Seaclude (Discontinued)   4 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Seaquel (Discontinued)   13 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Sharky Kids Touring Paddle   1 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Shred WW kayak paddle   5 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Stingray kayak paddle   39 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Surge kayak paddle   3 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Swell kayak paddle (carbon)   1 Reviews!
Aqua-Bound Tripper AMT   1 Reviews!
AT Ergo Tour T4E   1 Reviews!
AT Exodus Fishstix paddle   2 Reviews!
AT Oracle Touring Bent Shaft Paddle   2 Reviews!
AT Pursuit Glass Paddle   1 Reviews!
AT Xception Standard Tour Paddle   10 Reviews!
AT Xception Superlight Tour Paddle   4 Reviews!
AT2 Standard WW paddle   1 Reviews!
Backwater Paddle Co. Assault Hand Paddle   2 Reviews!
Backwater Paddle Predator Hand Paddle   2 Reviews!
Baer Adventure Baer Paw kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Baer Adventures Kayak wing paddle   1 Reviews!
Beale Paddles Greenland Paddle   4 Reviews!
Bell VooDoo Bent shaft paddle   2 Reviews!
Bending Branches 'A' Series Limited Edition   1 Reviews!
Bending Branches Angler Ace kayak Paddle   3 Reviews!
Bending Branches Angler Pro kayak paddle   2 Reviews!
Bending Branches Angler Scout kayak paddle   2 Reviews!
Bending Branches Arrow canoe paddle   3 Reviews!
Bending Branches BB Special   7 Reviews!
Bending Branches Beavertail Paddle   2 Reviews!
Bending Branches Bounce Rec. Kayak Paddle   2 Reviews!
Bending Branches Customer Service   1 Reviews!
Bending Branches Day Breeze (Discontinued)   1 Reviews!
Bending Branches Espresso canoe paddle   2 Reviews!
Bending Branches Evening Breeze (Discontinued)   4 Reviews!
Bending Branches Expedition Paddle   3 Reviews!
Bending Branches Glide Hybrid Plus Kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Bending Branches Impression Solo paddle   1 Reviews!
Bending Branches Infusion Kayak Paddle   24 Reviews!
Bending Branches Journey (Discontinued)   4 Reviews!
Bending Branches Loon Canoe Paddle   1 Reviews!
Bending Branches Slice Kayak Paddle   13 Reviews!
Bending Branches Splash Paddle (kids)   1 Reviews!
Bending Branches Sun Shadow Crank Day Paddle   3 Reviews!
Bending Branches Sun Shadow Paddle   3 Reviews!
Bending Branches Sunburst 14 canoe paddle   4 Reviews!
Bending Branches Sunrise GS kayak paddle   5 Reviews!
Bending Branches Viper canoe paddle   2 Reviews!
Bending Branches Whisper   9 Reviews!
Bending Branches Whisper Dream kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Betsie Bay Greenland Paddles   3 Reviews!
Bobcat Sportsgear Stealth Kayak Paddle   4 Reviews!
Boreal Design Delphina Paddle   1 Reviews!
Braca Sport Bracsa IX kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Bracsa Sport I Min paddle   1 Reviews!
Cadence Bent Shaft Graphite Paddle   2 Reviews!
Camp Paddle Foxfire   2 Reviews!
Camp Paddle Microlite   1 Reviews!
Cannon Nokomis Kayak Paddle   2 Reviews!
Cannon Paddles   5 Reviews!
Cannon Wave Kayak Paddle   6 Reviews!
Cape Falcon Kayaks Greenland Paddle   1 Reviews!
Carisle Kayak Paddle   22 Reviews!
Carlisle Beavertail 54" Canoe Paddle   2 Reviews!
Carlisle Canoe Paddle   4 Reviews!
Carlisle Day Tripper kayak paddle   5 Reviews!
Carlisle Guide Paddle   1 Reviews!
Carlisle Magic II kayak paddle   5 Reviews!
Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle   6 Reviews!
Carlisle Rodeo high angle paddle   2 Reviews!
Caviness Wide Blade Paddle   3 Reviews!
CORE Kirri whitewater paddle   2 Reviews!
CORE paddles   1 Reviews!
Crack of Dawn Black Diamond kayak paddle   2 Reviews!
Cricket Designs Inuit Greenland paddle   1 Reviews!
Current Designs Feather Paddle   2 Reviews!
Current Designs Kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Derek Hutchinson Toksook Paddle   2 Reviews!
Dri-Ki Woodworking Beaver Tail Canoe Paddle   1 Reviews!
Dri-Ki Woodworking Maine Guide Paddle   1 Reviews!
Epic Paddles Active Tourer   8 Reviews!
Epic Paddles Excaliber 3   3 Reviews!
Epic Paddles Wayfarer   5 Reviews!
Epic's MidWing Paddle   4 Reviews!
Epic's Relaxed Tour Signature Hybrid paddle   2 Reviews!
Feathercraft Klatwa Greenland Paddle   1 Reviews!
Fenn 3 Wing Paddle   1 Reviews!
Fenn 4 wing paddle   2 Reviews!
FoxWork Fox Fire Canoe Paddle   1 Reviews!
FoxWorx Guide Bentshaft Canoe Paddle   1 Reviews!
FoxWorx K3 Kayak Paddle   3 Reviews!
FoxWorx Micro Light Paddle   2 Reviews!
FoxWorx Paddles   5 Reviews!
Friday Harbor Paddles "Seal" Greenland   1 Reviews!
Galasport 3M w/w canoe paddle   1 Reviews!
GearLab Kuroshio Greenland Paddle   5 Reviews!
GearLab Oyashio Greenland Paddle   2 Reviews!
Gillespie Paddles Powerstick   5 Reviews!
Greenland Paddle Co. Greenland Paddle   1 Reviews!
GreenlandKayaking Greenland Paddle   1 Reviews!
Grey Owl Canoe Paddle 54 inch   5 Reviews!
Grey Owl Marathon Bent Shaft paddle   1 Reviews!
Grey Owl Paddles   9 Reviews!
Grey Owl Sirocco Paddle   1 Reviews!
H2O Paddles Crystal-X kayak paddle   2 Reviews!
Harmony Adventure Paddle   7 Reviews!
Harmony Drifter Aluminum kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Harmony Northwest Passage Paddle   6 Reviews!
Harmony Sea Passage Paddle   7 Reviews!
Harmony Tortuga Kayak Paddle   2 Reviews!
Harmony Whisper Ottertail paddle   2 Reviews!
Holz Canoe Excursion Paddle   2 Reviews!
Holz Canoe Paddles   1 Reviews!
Jazz "Tripper" paddle (New Zealand)   2 Reviews!
Joe O'Blenis Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle   1 Reviews!
Joe O'Blenis Greenland Paddle   1 Reviews!
Ken's Greenland Paddles   4 Reviews!
Kettlewell Mod. Ottertail Paddle   3 Reviews!
Kettlewell Paddles Quill   1 Reviews!
Kialoa Lolo Canoe Paddle   2 Reviews!
Kialoa Wacky Helium Outrigger Paddle   1 Reviews!
Lendal Archipelago Paddle   6 Reviews!
Lendal Cadence Paddle (Straight Shaft)   2 Reviews!
Lendal Kinetic Touring - bent shaft   15 Reviews!
Lendal Kinetic Wing Paddle   1 Reviews!
Lendal Sea Breeze Paddle   1 Reviews!
Lendal Storm Paddle (Straight & MCS Shafts)   4 Reviews!
Lightning Offshore Kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Lightning Paddles Rodeo kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Lightning Rip Tide Paddle   1 Reviews!
Lightning Ultralite Graphite Paddle   9 Reviews!
Lolk Paddle Co. Porter Canoe Paddle   2 Reviews!
Lumpy Paddles   20 Reviews!
Mackie Paddles GP-88C Greenland Stick   1 Reviews!
Malone Paddle Gear Castine Paddle   1 Reviews!
Marine Raider Kayak Paddle   2 Reviews!
Midwest Kayaks Greenland Paddle   1 Reviews!
Mitchell Black Magic Paddle   2 Reviews!
Mitchell Coastal Kayak Paddle   3 Reviews!
Mitchell Escape Paddle   3 Reviews!
Mitchell Horizon Greenland Paddle   4 Reviews!
Mitchell Surreal canoe paddle   1 Reviews!
Mowhawk Paddles 8" blade canoe paddle   1 Reviews!
Nashwaak Cruiser Paddle   9 Reviews!
Navarro Beavertail Paddle   2 Reviews!
Nimbus Chinook Kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Nimbus Kiska kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Nimbus Mistral kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Northeast Outfitters Paddle   1 Reviews!
Northern Light Paddles 3pc Greenland paddle   9 Reviews!
Northern Light Paddles Aleutian 3pc. Paddle   4 Reviews!
Novorca Greenland Paddle   20 Reviews!
Onno Carbon Endurance Race Wing Paddle   1 Reviews!
Onno Carbon Touring Paddle   67 Reviews!
Onno Surfcross 2-pc kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Pacific Designs T-1 Touring Paddle   23 Reviews!
Robson Chili Carbon Crank paddle   1 Reviews!
RPC3 Winged Sport Touring Kayak Paddle - Recently Reviewed!   2 Reviews!
Saltwood Paddles "Reggie" kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Saltwood Paddles Reggie & Habit paddles   1 Reviews!
Sanborn Canoe Co. Little Sag Bent Shaft Paddle   1 Reviews!
Sawyer 'Tales' Kids canoe paddle   1 Reviews!
Sawyer Ash Northwood Beavertail Paddle   2 Reviews!
Sawyer Cedar Voyager Canoe Paddle   3 Reviews!
Sawyer Manta Single Bend Canoe Paddle   1 Reviews!
Sawyer VLam Touring Paddle   5 Reviews!
SeaSense Kayak Paddle   11 Reviews!
SeaSense X-Treme Deluxe Kayak Paddle   3 Reviews!
Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle   1 Reviews!
Seda Fiberglass Paddle   2 Reviews!
Seven2 Paddle   29 Reviews!
Sevylor #74B Paddle   1 Reviews!
Sevylor Fiber Pro Kayak Paddle Model 340   6 Reviews!
Shaw & Tenney 8' Sitka Straight Oars   1 Reviews!
Shaw & Tenney Maine Guide canoe Paddle   1 Reviews!
Shaw&Tenney Penobscot Beavertail Paddle   3 Reviews!
Shoreline Rounded Blade Kayak Paddle   2 Reviews!
Simon River Sports Shark Paddle   1 Reviews!
Superior Kayak Graphite Greenland Paddle   13 Reviews!
Swift Paddles' Mid Swift Touring Paddle   15 Reviews!
Swift Paddles' Sea Swift paddle   11 Reviews!
Swift Paddles' Wind Swift paddle   6 Reviews!
T and J Paddles Aleutian paddle   1 Reviews!
Tuktu Paddles Custom Greenland Paddle   1 Reviews!
Tuktu Paddles Hooper Bay   1 Reviews!
Tuktu Paddles King Island Single Blade   1 Reviews!
Tuktu Paddles Kodiak Single Blade   1 Reviews!
Tuktu Paddles Spanish Cedar Storm   1 Reviews!
TukTu Paddles Storm paddle   1 Reviews!
Turtle Greenland Quilted Maple Paddle   1 Reviews!
Turtle Paddleworks Ottertail   1 Reviews!
Viking Kayak Paddle   2 Reviews!
Walden Coastal Paddle   1 Reviews!
Waterstick Karma Bent Shaft   2 Reviews!
Waterstick Zen Pro-bend WW Paddle   3 Reviews!
Wenonah Black Jack Carbon Bent Shaft   2 Reviews!
Wenonah Canoe Black Bart Paddle   1 Reviews!
Werner Athena Touring paddle   3 Reviews!
Werner Bandit Spoon Blade Paddle   4 Reviews!
Werner Bandit WW Canoe Paddle   3 Reviews!
Werner Camano Paddle   28 Reviews!
Werner Cascadia Paddle   2 Reviews!
Werner Compulsion   1 Reviews!
Werner Corryvrecken   12 Reviews!
Werner Cyprus Paddle   4 Reviews!
Werner Cyprus Small Shaft Paddle   3 Reviews!
Werner Ikelos kayak paddle   17 Reviews!
Werner Kalliste kayak paddle   15 Reviews!
Werner Kauai 220 cm   3 Reviews!
Werner Molokai Paddle   8 Reviews!
Werner Nantahala   2 Reviews!
Werner Paddles (misc.)   21 Reviews!
Werner Player WW Paddle   1 Reviews!
Werner Shuna Carbon Bent Shaft Paddle   6 Reviews!
Werner Shuna Carbon StraightShaft Paddle   7 Reviews!
Werner Sidekick WW paddle   2 Reviews!
Werner Skagit kayak paddle   16 Reviews!
Werner Tybee kayak paddle   6 Reviews!
Whetstone 60* Feathered Paddle   7 Reviews!
Whetstone Mako T1   8 Reviews!
Whiskeyjack Paddles Apostle kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Whiskeyjack Paddles Speakeasy kayak paddle   1 Reviews!
Wolfgang Brink East Greenland Bent Shaft   2 Reviews!
XY Company Custom Paddles   14 Reviews!
Zavarel Racing Equipment Paddles   14 Reviews!
ZRE Medium Straight Shaft Paddle   2 Reviews!
Zuzu Cadence Paddle   1 Reviews!
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